Dog Walking 

Private walk

If you prefer that your furry loved one maintain privacy on his/her walk then this is the choice for you!

Group walk

If your pup loves to socialize then this group walk is the perfect solution for your dogs needs  

Exercise walk

In this walk we concentrate on exercise and weight loss. These walks are 2 hour long sessions

Juan is awesome - very good with Herman, and is super reliable about staying in touch. Will be working with him a lot in the future!

John F


We believe in structured walks were we provide basic training to all the dogs that we walk 


Safety is our number one priority. We constantly scan our environment to ensure the safety of all the dogs we walk 


We're in constant communication with you about your pups well being. We provide updates after each walk informing you of your dogs activities and bathroom business 

Depending on your pup's needs we offer a three-tier walking plan with 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute options. Choose a solo* walk or group walk that suits your schedule. For multi-pet households,** take advantage of our discounted rates. The rates below reflect group walk rates

30 minutes


1 hour


2 hours


*Solo-only walks: Does your pal require privacy on walks? Add $5 to standard rates

**Multi-pet households: charge standard rates plus $5 per additional pet


for a complete list of our services and rates click here

**Additional rates and pricing**

Off peak hours


(before 10:00 am and after 6:00 pm)



(Saturday and Sunday)

Holiday Walks


(X-Mas, Thanksgiving, New Years)

Tel:   347 440-8389

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